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Personalized feedback that drives learning strategy.

Create and deliver assessments, certification exams, surveys and talent evaluations.
Measure workforce competency and identify potential for upward movement within your organization.
Gauge how customers and employees perceive your brand, your company, your value!

Improve your talent acquisition and workforce training with



Create and manage all types of assessments with remarkable ease. Brillium's wide variety of question types and impressive array of configurable options enable you to expertly author tests ranging from simple to sophisticated.

Certification Exams

Brillium accommodates all phases of the certification program life cycle and easily integrates with LMS, HRIS or xAPI compliant systems, as well as third-party integration systems.


Craft data-rich surveys that elicit meaningful insights from both your employees and customers, bringing their voice to the forefront and supporting the decisions that affect your key stakeholders. 

Talent Screening

Brillium streamlines talent acquisition time and cost, and significantly reduces turnover so that small businesses experience minimal disruption and large organizations can efficiently scour the globe for the best candidates. 

World-Class Enterprise Assessment Platform for
Powerful Authoring, Delivery and Data Analysis.

Mobile Optimized

We built Brillium to accommodate all iterations of a page on any device, on all kinds of screen sizes with any amount of content. Begin on one device, and finish on another, with virtually unlimited variations our responsive layout renders flawlessly first time, every time!

Powerful Reporting

Brillium’s stunning range of reports means invaluable data is always at your disposal. Choose from a wide range of customizable reports, all of which offer numerous options that can be turned on or off and the option to run complex filters in a variety of formats that include Excel, PDF, Word and CSV.

Integration Flexibility

Whether you need general web integration via HTTP, Salesforce native integration or integration with an LMS via AICC or SCORM, Brillium enables you to send results to any number of defined end-points including two or more integration points at once.

More Data

Unlike many LMS systems, Brillium collects data on each respondent’s performance in many different areas including how much time they spend on individual questions or group of questions, individual question tag scores and standard deviation, mean, median, and mode, so you get the critical feedback you need.

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