We want to revolutionize
the way human insight drives business decisions.


Honesty, Sincerity and Candor

We exist and grow because we are honest and open with everyone. A fundamental part of good communication is honesty, and honesty is about fully accepting our roles and responsibilities to our customers. If we are not a fit for the needs of our customers, we say so and try to guide them towards a better solution.

Deliver Memorable Experiences

Whether a product, service, or conversation, we take pride in everything we create and do.  One of our primary goals, with every interaction we have, is to give our customers, our friends, and our families something fun, surprising, and memorable to talk about.

Commit and Invest in Goals

We fully commit and invest in everything we do. It’s an obsession to over deliver and overjoy. We believe that all members of our team should personally commit to the success and well-being of our customers and each other.

Do It Right

Nothing we do for our customers or ourselves is just “good enough,”. We always seek to go above beyond to create, and deliver products, services, and experiences that exceed and overjoy. We actively seek out the opportunity to improve on those abilities at every turn.



Curt Rogers


Curt leads the vision and strategic goals for Brillium along with providing project workflow development guidance to our large enterprise customers in order to ensure the most effective use of our software and services.


Rob Dugre

Vice President

Rob leads development of our current and future Brillium software initiatives.  Additionally, Rob leads strategic enterprise projects is deeply involved in the development of our complex integrations and talent acquisition workflows.