Revolutionizing the way human insight drives decision-making since 1999.

Who We Are




We are “different.” That's what nearly every customer tells us: different from the endless stream of sales and support teams peopled by the enervated, the indifferent, the uninspired.

Different because we are a select group of resourceful, enterprising, high achievers, who excel at accomplishing more with less, and who regard each new challenge as an opportunity to triumph. A diverse group united by our unflagging commitment to success; strengthened by our varied backgrounds, skills and perspectives; and keenly aware that it is, in fact, our diversity that enables us to connect with others, appreciate a multitude of viewpoints and enjoy working alongside people from every corner of the globe.





Who We Serve

Brillium partners with organizations of all sizes across a broad spectrum of industries that include…

Training & Learning




Real Estate





What We Do

Knowledge is more than just power; it is the key to innovation, growth, and betterment. And shared knowledge… well, that’s the crowning achievement! 

At Brillium, our purpose is to be advocates of shared knowledge, facilitators of understanding, creators of technology that bridges the gap between human knowledge and progressive decision-making, and developers of software that allows our clients to better articulate the wealth of knowledge that we as humans treasure as our greatest strength.

Brillium Guiding Principle #1

Invest fully in everything you do, painstakingly perfect everything you create, be consumed with over-delivering and exceeding expectations at every turn, and never, ever stop at “good enough!”

What We Deliver

More than

assessments configured in more than 80 languages.  

More than

questions since our inception, but we’re still counting…

More than

results delivered to organizations spanning the globe.

How We Help

At Brillium, we talk frequently - very frequently! - about how we are an extension of every team we serve, in partnership with every organization using our software. That means that whether your organization is made up of a single entrepreneur or an international team of millions, we bring the full force of our mighty resources to bear to help you find the solutions you seek, as well as the ones you may only vaguely anticipate.

Since 1999, we have been tapping into the most valuable of all commodities: knowledge. Today, we continue to use that knowledge to help our customers develop manageable and sustainable workflows that fit the resources they have available and to empower our customers to make sense of people-centric data that helps decisions result in the most optimal outcomes.

Our people. Our software. Your team.

A proven, winning combination!

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