Incomparable Features

A scalable, reliable and flexible design sends Brillium to the head of the class.

Masterful Authoring

A truly user-friendly authoring interface that empowers you to create data-rich tests, certification exams, surveys and talent acquisition assessments.

Dependable Delivery

Get assessments to every endpoint every time using links, email, LMS, HRIS, ATS systems, or via direct integration with the Brillium API.

Superior Analysis

With the industry's most ingeniously designed and customizable reports, Brillium’s Report Center may just lead you to some remarkable insights.

Authoring Made Easy with 24 Question Types

Made-to-Order Authoring

Brillium facilitates the creation of meaningful exams with an end-to-end authoring experience that ensures your styling always remains intact. Choose from dozens of test and survey question types. Then feel free to toss in some question or assessment tags, set time limits for respondents, restrict the number of attempts, and establish random question ordering. Or add none of those; it’s totally up to you.

Unlimited Questions and Assessments

Create as many assessments as you’d like with as many questions (and question groups) as you need, and do that as often as it suits your purposes; there are no limits, no penalties, no fees.

HTML Friendly

Make your assessments more engaging using a code-friendly question editor that offers custom text and language options (including right-to-left languages) and the ability to embed videos, documents, images, sound and more.


Reliably Delivering Millions of Assessments All Around the Globe


Responsive on All Mobile Devices

Whether your respondents are accessing training through an LMS, an HRIS system or email, whether they are taking tests on an Android phone, an IOS tablet or their work laptop, you can bank on Brillium’s responsive web interface to deliver your assessments on any device, large or small, in any quantity, large or small, to every corner of the globe.

Customization That Increases Engagement

Choose a theme style. Upload your logo. Author in any unicode compatible language, including those that are written right-to-left. With Brillium’s customization options, your organization’s branding remains front and center. After all, the full experience of customization really happens when respondents enter your assessment.

Deliver Results Your Way

How you share results is a matter of discretion. That’s why Brillium offers multiple options, all equally reliable, from the basic displaying of onscreen results at an exam’s conclusion to the momentous presenting of certificates to honor earned high scores, from the simple delivery of results using an email address to the returning of results through an LMS or integration system dashboard.

Robust Analysis and Detailed Reporting Tailored to Your Needs

Reports for Every Role

Brillium’s 20 standard report templates, with their unequalled customization options, will satisfy the needs of every member of your learning department. Apply virtually limitless filtering configurations for reporting that ranges from the broad to the granular. Upgrade to Brillium Enterprise for a truly custom experience with regards to both content and aesthetic.

Content Analysis

The Brillium Report Center offers powerful data filtering and grouping controls that accommodate the needs of authors who demand both broad and discrete analysis of assessment result data.

Use question and respondent-based reports to get a snapshot of activity and direct authors to content that needs redressing to better align with program goals. Employ question tags for additional variables that provide even deeper analysis.

Data Export

With Brillium reporting, account data can be printed or exported in multiple formats including plain text, rich text, CSV, xls, html and PDF. You can also easily share JSON data with external platforms using the Brillium API or push data to an external data analysis or business intelligence (BI) tool.


Respondent Results


Questions Posed


Live Assessments

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