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Global ready enterprise and partner solutions.
Helping large enterprises meet their strategic learning goals.

Global Certification

Working with our expert certification development partners, craft a complete certification program for internal compliance, partner sales networks, or franchisees.

As your business and product line grows, easily revise and adapt your certification exams with new content and deploy updated versions on schedule.

LMS/ATS Integration

Brillium integrates with LMS and ATS systems. We guide you through the process and set up an integration plan uniquely suited to your needs.

When simplified integration methods such as AICC and SCORM are not enough, the Brillium development team can create customized data formats to get your data into most any repository.

Partner Solutions

Brillium partners develop highly scalable and ready to deploy solutions on the Brillium Platform.

Organizations can license full featured industry specific services such as  validated Talent Screening and Health Risk Assessments designed to reduce costs while ensuring compliance. Partner solutions can be distributed globally in most any language.

Integration Services

Services Designed for the Global Enterprise

Your Data in Two Places at Once

Brillium can send data to mulitiple destinations simultaneously. Multi-destination data routing means assessment data is transmitted to more than one place at the same time.


Brillium can send data to a Learning Management System, Human resource Information System, Applicant Tracking System, or xAPI data store simultaneously.

Enterprise Integration

Sometimes you need something special and specific to your business, process, or industry. Brillium supports most common LMS and HRIS platforms such as Oracle® Taleo, IBM Kenexa, and Workday.


Moreover, the Brillium services team can connect your assessment data to custom applications, websites, and databases.

Global Certification Support

Deploy Certification Programs Worldwide

Brillium Partners

Work with our network of development professionals that can help you design and develop a world-class certification program.

We can provide all the guidance they need to design and deliver a successful certification program, including implementing customized scoring algorithms and reports.

Managed Certification Program

Successful certification programs follow a defined lifecycle management process. When a program goes live, development continues, and performance is monitored. It's an ongoing process. One that requires your team and your tools to remain adaptive.

When you feel the need to get assistance, you can use your favorite partner. We support them in the same way we support you. Brillium Services are flexible so that you and your team can focus on the content, while we take care of the rest.

Talent Screening at Scale

Reduce Risk and Increase Compliance with Validated and Compliant Talent Assessments

Talent Screening at Scale

Brillium has partnered with Growth Ventures, Inc., to deliver a set of validated talent screening tools ideally suited to organizations in the manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and food service industries.

Using over 30 years experience, Growth Ventures developed the HirePayoff Talent Screening solution to help organizations identify and retain top talent, build culture, and improve workforce retention and productivity. Organizations that use these tools benefit from an efficient talent screening workflow and lower risk of compliance violations.

Implementation & Integration Support

Brillium Talent Solutions services bundles all of the services needed to develop, deploy, and monitor a talent screen program.

  • Assessment design
  • Program validation
  • Job family categories and assessment design
  • HRIS integration & data delivery

We also include Human Resource information System integration support to ensure recruiters maintain an efficient and reliable workflow. We support most systems including Oracle® Taleo, IBM Kanexa, and Workday.

Over 2,000,000 Talent Screenings
Delivered Globally

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