When your goals are strategically important,
you want the most experienced minds to help get you there.



Sometimes you need experienced and talented minds to help you develop a workflow that helps you reach an important strategic goal.

We offer end-to-end assistance and complete offloading of your project. We provide the brightest minds you’ll find and deliver service with the same commitment and focus that you’d expect from any employee.

Talent acquisition programs that use Brillium reduce paperwork and empower large scale hiring processes.

Talent Acquisition Programs

We’ve partnered with Growth Ventures, Inc., to help organizations design, validate and implement proven solutions to finding, screening, and hiring top-performing employees.

End to End Process Development
  • Full-service implementation
  • Ongoing process support
  • Integration with your ATS

LMS/ATS Integration

Brillium is designed to make LMS and ATS integration easy, flexible and reliable.

Our multi-destination data routing allows data to be delivered to multiple destinations simultaneously , so you can push data to an LMS and an ATS, xAPI, LRS or proprietary data store at the same time.

Integration Ready
  • AICC and SCORM
  • BrassRing
  • Taleo
  • Workday

Brillium has built in LMS and ATS integration that enables data routing to multiple destinations
Brillium is designed to cater to global certification respondents in every corner of the world.

Global Certification Programs

Creating a certification program can seem daunting, but the benefits are indisputable.

Brillium partners with certification development professionals experienced in learning, HR, and sales certification program design and development.

We will help you find the right program development partner, and provide the support they need to help you craft a manageable certification program.

Experience the Difference

For over 15 years, we have served as trusted advisors and reliable solution providers for Learning and HR professionals world-wide.