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LMS/ATS Integration

Brillium integrates with LMS and ATS systems. Let us help guide you through the process and set up an integration plan uniquely suited to your needs.

Global Certification

Working with our expert certification development partners, we can help you craft a masterful training, HR, and/or sales certification program.

Talent Screening

Our talent screening solution provides a fully validated screening process uniquely suited to high volume and high turnover industries.

LMS/ATS Integration

Brillium is designed to make LMS and ATS integration simple to achieve, flexible in application and reliable in function.

Our multi-destination data routing allows data to be pushed to an LMS and an ATS, xAPI, LRS or proprietary data store simultaneously.

Additionally we provide out-of-the-box integrations for AICC, SCORM, BrassRing, Taleo and Workday.

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Global Certification

Brillium’s network of certification development professionals ensures that you get the resources you need to design and develop a first-rate international certification program.

We will help you secure an expert program development partner, and then provide you with all the support you need to craft a readily managed and enviably successful certification program.

Talent Screening

Brillium has partnered with Growth Ventures, Inc. to create one of the most efficient and cost-effective talent screening solutions available.

Brillium's Talent Screening solutions enable large organizations in high turnover industries to efficiently find the best candidates from among millions of applicants, especially those ideally suited for long term development.

Our solutions provide assessment design, program validation, implementation of customized job family focused assessments, HRIS integration and ongoing assessment delivery.

Perhaps best of all, organizations regularly report a cost savings of up to 50% over competing solutions.


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