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Know You Are Meeting Your Learning Goals

Stop Using the Wrong Metrics

For far too long, learning developers have been forced to rely on vague metrics to determine the success of their training programs. These measures typically involve counting the number of learners registered for or that completed training. The problem is that these metrics don’t provide any information that helps learning developers improve training materials or address learning gaps.

Brillium fixes this with assessment data, insights, and personalized feedback that help learning developers create better training and take action sooner.

Data at Your Fingertips

Brillium's interactive Engagement Dashboard provides an up-to-date snapshot of workspace and assessment activity. Easily view engagement, assessment, question, and active participant activity data at a glance.

When a more detailed view is needed, access assessment results and participant data directly from the Engagement Results list or get back to work quickly by selecting an item from the Assessment Quick Access panel.

Creating Questions-Multiple Choice


Create assessments that produce actionable data at both the aggregate and individual level.

An array of question types and configuration options let assessment authors create any type of test, survey, or certification exam.

Question Summary


Analyze data across any number of dimensions such as overall, topically, by category, by question, or use customized feedback logic to create your own.

Filter report data to see related statistics for a subset of the participant group, or view aggregate data to get an overall view of performance.

Brillium Respondent UI LMS Compatible


Integrate with most any Learning Management System, Human Resource Information System, or Experience API (xAPI) platform using Brillium's built-in methods such as AICC, SCORM, and Zapier. Send data directly to enterprise-class platforms such as Oracle Taleo, or integrate with platforms such as IBM Kanexa and Workday.


Mobile. Global. LMS Friendly.

Craft assessments to meet the needs of every audience in every corner of the globe.

Customizable Presentation

Choose a theme style, upload your logo, and author in a localized language such as Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic. Brillium comes with 30 ready to use languages that adapts the user interface to a language suitable to your audience.

Customization options ensure that respondents experience your brand from assessment start to finish.

Mobile Friendly

Whether your respondents are accessing training through an LMS, an HRIS, email, or mobile device, you can bank on Brillium’s responsive web interface to deliver your assessments to every corner of the globe.

Flexible Data Sharing

Choose how you share results. Select options that display basic score information or enable printable certificates to increase engagement.

Score results can be displayed on-screen, delivered via email, or transmitted directly to an LMS, HRIS or xAPI data repository.

Brillium-iPhone 11

Experience by the Numbers

100,000,000 +
Assessment Results

3,000,000 +
Questions Created

150,000 +
Assessments Created


Create meaningful exams with an authoring experience that keeps your styling intact.


Customizable Experience

Select from a wide-array of test and survey question types. Organize assessments using ad-hoc question or assessment tags, set assessment time limits, restrict the number of attempts, and randomize question and topic presentation.

No Limits

Create as many assessments as you like using as many questions (and topics) as you wish. Display detailed score feedback using category scores and conditional logic.

Brillium Reports Configuration

Reports for Every Role

Select from Brillium's variety of standard report templates and customize the data using easy-to-use controls.

For organizations that require a seamless brand experience, our customized reports present data using your unique design and presentation style.

Brillium Question Analysis View

Robust Analysis

Powerful analysis tools help exam authors identify learning, training, and talent development opportunities.
Question analytics and customizable data tags provide guidance to better align training with learning program goals.
Brillium Row Column Export

Easy Data Export

Printed or export data in multiple formats including text, MS Word compatible rich text, CSV, XLSX, HTML, and PDF.
Easily share data with external platforms using the Brillium API, or export data to business intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau.

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