So powerful. So customizable.
You’ll think we made it just for you.

Powerful Authoring

Powerful tools to create tests, certification exams, surveys, recruiting tests and more.

Keep tests simple with basic scoring, or use Brillium’s enhanced group/topic scoring to enforce more customized requirements.  Use conditional feedback logic to display content to only those respondent that meet very specific criteria.

Brillium Assessment Software editor screen puts powerful features and settings at your fingertips.
Brillium Assessment Software test taker and respondent  survey screen is clean and easy to understand

Reliable Delivery

Brillium is created to effortlessly scale. Create assessments with as many questions and topical groups as you like, there are no limits.

Reliably deliver hundreds, thousands or millions of assessments and send the results to your favorite learning management system or applicant tracking system.

Rich Data Output

The real power in the assessment process is in the answers your data can give you.

Brillium provides a range of ways to view and interact with your data.  Customized solutions will present data in a way that is right for you or deliver it where you need it to go.

Brillium has Rich Data reporting and output features in a variety of formats such as PDF, Excel, Word. Custom reports are available such as custom certificates.

What Users Love About Brillium

As one of the most customizable assessment software platforms available, Brillium hosts benefits for every stakeholder.

Brillium Assessment Software test taker and respondent  survey screen is clean and easy to understand


It’s intuitive, easy-to-use and cross-browser/cross-device user interface. It just works.

Assessment navigation and on-line help is very natural and simple to understand.

Brillium Assessment Software editor screen gives authors a variety of customization options


Unparalleled authoring and customization options with an abundance of demographic data controls.  Easily create unique assessment experiences for any purpose.

Brillium Account options empower Administrators to create hierarchical accounts with limited rights and data access.


Granular account management and security controls allow administrators to create account workspaces for reporting, authoring, or to delegate administration duties throughout an organization.

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