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Beyond Exams and Surveys

Create solutions beyond simple tests and surveys
Ask questions. Get answers. Turn data into action.

Deliver Personalized Exam Feedback

To small groups, or at large scale

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Historically, exams have always had a big problem, they provide little feedback and direction to learners but instead focused on a seemingly judgmental question by question markup that says: "You are right" or "You are wrong."

This type of vague feedback did little to help learners understand what concepts were misunderstood and what they needed to do in order to overcome their confusion.

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Instructional Designers

Instructional designers are often overwhelmed and have little time to review, rework, and improve course material. To make matters worse, they lack helpful guidance in the form of direct feedback and meaningful data that shows them what is working, and what needs improvement.

Brillium gives instructional designers a platform to build assessment solutions that target learner knowledge gaps, provide coaching and direction, and give instructional designers data that can help them to improve training programs.

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For Organizational Psychologists, there is no "go to" platform that meets the needs of every project. Most often, they need to make several disparate tools work together in ways that they were not designed to work, but gets the job done.

Brillium gives Psychology professionals a platform to build customized solutions that generate results and revenue reliably, for different industries and customers, time and time again. Moreover, Brillium can accommodate customized result algorithms, and integration with popular HR platforms.

Why Brillium

Platform functionality you won't find elsewhere
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Question Types

Create questions using 24 different question types for certifications, exams, tests, and surveys.

Advanced question types include ranking, matching, agree/disagree, and essay. Export raw data to analyze offline.

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Personalize Feedback

Define assessment, topic, and question level feedback based on participant answer selection and scoring criteria.

Brillium's Conditional Feedback logic adds power to your assessments by enabling personalized responses based on test taker actions.

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Diverse Scoring

Get results analysis that identifies improvement opportunities and guides the revision of learning and training materials so that overall learning goals are achieved.

Get holistic with topical, category, and multi-assessment scoring capabilities.

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Assessment Modes

Multiple assessment modes make it easy to change the presentation and navigational flow of your assessments.

Support learner prep by displaying knowledge accuracy as each answer is submitted, or enforce forward navigation options for high-stakes certifications.

A Platform for Partners

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Brillium empowers partners to create solutions that incorporate placement tests, formative tests, diagnostic exams, summative tests, and opinion surveys.

Crafting tests, exams, quizzes, and survey instruments doesn't require compromise. Brillium delivers a flexible authoring experience to create complex assessments that power a range of commercial, psychological, and research processes.

The Process is Simple

  • Plan the assessment goals, development, and reporting.
  • Meet with the Brillium team, plan outreach, identify co-marketing opportunities, and design delivery process.
  • Use Brillium to create assessments.
  • Perform workflow testing and validation.
  • Go live.

Certification Programs

Take your program global with highly customizable options

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User Experience

An intuitive user interface reduces the need for training, so your audience can concentrate on the exam or survey material.Customize the text and buttons to suit your unique environment, and do so in any language, including languages that are read right-to-left such as Arabic or Hebrew.

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Customized Output

Upload a certification document or select from our customizable templates; either way, you decide what learners can save, print, or email.

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Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Stress-free integration of certification programs, accommodating LMS, HRIS, xAPI, or LTI compliant systems as well as other third-party integration systems such as Thinkific.

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