Data-rich surveys that get you the insights, understanding and feedback you need.

12 Survey Questions

With survey-specific questions that run the gamut from the usual -  like Choose One and Agree/Disagree - to the more advanced - like Matrix and Net Promoter® - you’ll craft surveys like an expert.

Question Tagging

Tag questions topically, demographically or on an ad-hoc basis to gain the kind of deep survey analysis that leads to content improvement.

Detailed Insights

Brillium arms you with multiple ways to view your results, so you can accumulate data in real time, unearth truly groundbreaking insights and improve the quality of your survey over time.

Building a Survey with Brillium

Custom fields… that’s Brillium’s secret sauce. They pave the way for the collection of purposeful and meaningful demographic and psychographic revelations about your survey respondents.

Utilized skillfully, they allow you to compare millennials to baby boomers, the marketing department with the sales department, buyers from the east coast with those from the west. Analyzed proficiently, they empower you to better define your market, fine tune your training, speak more effectively to your customers.

Whether you are looking to survey a distinct group of the population or get valuable feedback about a product or service, Brillium is designed to reliably deliver surveys to both large and small groups with anonymity, while gathering crucial information that your organization needs to be at the top of its game.


Brillium Guiding Principle #27:

 When administering a survey it is vitally important to carefully structure your questions so that they are clearly understood and elicit a valuable response.


Questions Created

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