Talent Screening

A unique take on talent acquisition that
meticulously screens and scrupulously qualifies candidates.

Brillium has teamed up with the industry’s leading talent acquisition researchers to provide cutting edge algorithms and critical insights that ensure your HR department is effectively vetting potential employees and continuously improving practices based on hires that have excelled.

The Benefits of a Proven Systematic Approach to Talent Screening

Reduced Costs

As markets grow ever more competitive, cost control demands ever more attention. By empowering your HR team to make efficient, data-driven predictions about the future performance and job suitability of potential candidates, you can expect hiring decisions to become streamlined and human resources less constrained.

Enhanced Hiring Practices

Brillium’s candidate screening solution is the result of a brilliant collaboration with the industry’s leading talent acquisition researchers. Their vigorous, ongoing advancements in the science of hiring, in conjunction with our decades of data collection, arm your HR department with a proven, systematic approach to hiring that will enable them to operate at peak performance.

Minimized Risks

Let’s face it, the increase of new and often harsher legal demands related to the process of candidate screening and hiring can create a legal minefield for even the most experienced hiring managers. Armed with our talent screening process, which is uniquely keyed in to the ever- increasing legal stipulations placed on companies today, you can reduce the risk of litigation and other negative outcomes that result from sub-optimal hires.


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