Talent Screening

A valid, accurate and unique candidate assessment process.

A unique take on talent acquisition that
meticulously screens and qualifies candidates.

We have teamed up with the industry’s leading talent acquisition researchers to provide cutting edge algorithms and critical insights that ensure your HR department is vetting potential employees and adding value to the company through:

Cost reduction as HR resources are less constrained.

Continuous improvement of your HR practices based on hires that have excelled.

Reduced risk of litigation and negative outcomes that result from sub-optimal hires.

The Need for Talent Screening

Current Candidate Systems 
are Outdated

- Typically based on research conducted over 50
years ago.

- Applicable to dated understandings of workplaces
and workforces.

Increase in Legal Challenges

-Legal changes in the process of candidate screening.

-Legal stipulations continue to increase for companies
and their workforce.

The Workplace has
Changed Over Time

-Technology has changed the way we work and
communicate within the workplace.

-Cost control is more of a focus as the market
becomes more competitive.

The Workforce is Different

-Generations differ on what they expect and value
from an employer.

-Businesses have evolved to expect and value
different things from their employees.

Brillium Guiding Principle #34:

Validated screening assessments can drastically reduce HR costs and legal fees while identifying more productive employees with a higher sense of loyalty.


Applicants Screened

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