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5 Assessment Modes

Because different challenges require different solutions, Brillium’s multiple assessment modes include normal (with and without scoring) and branching.

Diverse Scoring

When you need deep results analysis, go beyond holistic scoring with topical, question tag, or even multi-assessment scoring, and see what kind of  insights you unearth.

Question Type Variety

With a vast array of question types for both tests and surveys - including multiple choice, true/false, ranking, matching, agree/disagree and essay - you can let your creativity reign.

Building a Test, Exam or Quiz with Brillium

Whether your needs are for a large enterprise organization or a small home office, Brillium provides you with the most flexible, reliable, user-friendly assessment software available for creating tests, exams, surveys, quizzes and more.

Looking to test your employee’s knowledge, give your students a quick refresher quiz, survey your customers about product quality? No matter the challenge, Brillium’s impeccable design allows you to craft quality tests, exams and quizzes and then distribute them to a large respondent base - or enormous respondent base - without making any sacrifices in reliability.

With Brillium you can scale as much you need to, while continually improving your assessment content through the wealth of results data that Brillium provides.


Brillium Guiding Principle #65:

 The key to creating a successful assessment is feedback and context; if you are keeping these things in clear sight, you will ensure your content is well understood and achieves its goals.


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